WENS (UK) LimitedUK based International Broker

To be a major player as a UK based International Broker Company between UK and other Economies thus promote export of products and expertise to these countries. In the initial stages we intend to carry out some research in Zambia and find a base market for UK exports and investment opportunities for these UK companies while at the same time we will find markets for Zambian products in UK and Europe.

    • Business Brokers – Research, sourcing out for and arrange business transactions between buyers and sellers in both countries. We have approached the Zambia Association of Manufacturers and talked to President Who welcomed our ideal and said would help by cascading our requests to member companies.
    • We intend to keep an eye on the government tenders on bigger projects in Agriculture, Tourism, Gemstone Mining and Hydro Power generation and try to acquire prospective business opportunities for UK companies and thus help create jobs and build the UK economy as a result. Below is an example.

Here we see an invitation for companies who can have interest in building student and staff accommodation for the University of Zambia.